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Latest AVIX Drone Product-AXM Variable Pitch Multi-Rotor Drone

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AXM Variable Pitch Multi-Rotor Drone, the latest AVIX drone product is ready to be launched in the near future. For the main airframe structure design, AXM adopts the 4 rotors configuration which is driven by four high efficient brushless motor. For the rotor set, it adopts the Delta-3 hinge structure design and use the high accurate servo to drive the rotor pitch control. In order to improve and ensure the accuracy of the flight attitude, the fast rotor pitch control reaction enables the aircraft to maintain the accuracy and stable flight control under strong wind and harshest condition.

AVIX has started to cooperate with foreign customers to equip with relative sensors payload on the AXM to execute the application of bridge structure inspection, and the result is satisfying.


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