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AVIX Cooperate with TaiTung Police to Execute the “2019 Air Defense Drill”

The UAV Team of AVIX was invited to cooperate with TaiTung Police Department to execute the “2019 Air Defense Drill” at the east coast of Taiwan, 29th of May. All the main roads had been closed and our UAV, which has been used to find their route in the sky now took off at the nobody’s city and executed its service of surveillance at the four assigned venues. The drill is considered as one of Taiwan’s most important war exercises, which are held each year to test the combat capabilities of Taiwan’s armed forces in the face of the continued military threat from China.

The mission has been accomplished with great success. It’s definitely a fresh experience for the UAV Team of AVIX, on top of that, we are encouraged by the great performance of our UAV in the execution of the drill, and we will continue to strive for more challenging tasks in the future.





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