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  • 2020-03-03
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  • 在〈AVIX Obtained the First ‘Type Approval of UAV’ Ranking First in Asia〉中留言功能已關閉

What’s the secret of this numbers – CAA-UAVTIC-1900001?The answer hidden behind is significant and profound, it’s printed in a certificate officially issued by Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), approving AVIX Tech.for obtaining the first “Type Approval of UAV” in Taiwan. The main product of AVIX, unmanned helicopter AXH-E230RS has successfully qualified under the criteria of minimum take-off weight of 25kg and above. The achievement of this Type Approval of UAV is not only a result of AVIX’s few years effort but “making Taiwan ranks first in Asia, it’s a significant achievement,” said Aviation Safety Inspector, Alan Chen while participating the first day of physical & basic functional Test on 24th of Feb., 2020 at Qing-Shui, Taichung.

What is so difficult about getting a Type Approval of UAV weighing above 25kg.? The CAA has determined a series of criteria, one of the most challenging requirement is to provide 44 pieces of Means of Certification (MOC) form. The [...]

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“We found dolphins”, “We’re super excited”! Messages from Mexico waked me up in the midnight.

  • 2019-09-18
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Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau conducted a Disaster Prevention Drill to prepare for any emergency situation including mega-earthquake, toxic gas leakage, fire and all kinds of worst cases on Tuesday, 18th of Sep., 2019.

Sitta, the Web-News belongs to the Ministry of the Armies

After Exhibition

  • 2019-07-29
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  • 在〈Aug. 15~17th, 2019 Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition〉中留言功能已關閉

Dear friends,

It’s our great honor and pleasure to invite you to come and visit us at the “Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition” !

A 4000-ton KaoHsiong Vessel of Coast Guard Taiwan (CGA) executed its surveillance duty with the new purchased Unmanned Helicopter (UAV) for the first time and had successfully seized a mainland China’s sand-pump dredger conducting illegal sand pumping at Taiwan territorial sea around PengHu island on 17th of June.

  • 2019-06-03
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  • 在〈AVIX Cooperate with TaiTung Police to Execute the “2019 Air Defense Drill”〉中留言功能已關閉

The UAV Team of AVIX was invited to cooperate with TaiTung Police Department to execute the “2019 Air Defense Drill” at the east coast of Taiwan, 29th of May.

See our UAV at the Humanitarian Rescue Drill (“Nan-Yuan4”) near Taiping Island, the largest natural island among the contested Spratly Islands at 21st of May!

The UAV Team of Coastguard (CGA) has been called in to help detect and search for a suspicious boat of operating illegal trawling at the southern coastal area of Taiwan on 30th of April, 2019.

The pictures were taken clearly with the UAV’s high-resolution gimbal and the evidence of criminal activity was well-performed through the video-link and shown on the screen of the Ground Control Station.

For more information about the UAV used by CGA, designed and manufactured by AVIX Tech., please view our introductions of UAV, sub-systems and other relevant products here, welcome to contact us if you need any service.

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