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A shipowner was caught for reserved plants poaching from the marine protected area by the UAV Team of Coastguard (CGA) on 24th of April, 2019 at the northern part of Taiwan.

The plants are considered as high valued protected species.

The UAVs, designed and manufactured by AVIX Tech. have been widely used to enhance the effectiveness of the marine safety and environmental protection tasks since the beginning of this year, and 12 more UAVs are expected to be delivered to different branches of CGA around the west and east coastal areas of Taiwan by the end of May 2019.

Original link : 無人機海上建功  船長違法潛水採石花菜不是落海

Coast Guard Administration (CGA), Tainan patrol using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to search a fallen man at 23rd, April and the body was found after searching for more than 30 hours in heavy sea.
CGA has started its UAV service in multi operations using UAVs manufactured by AVIX Tech. Inc.

Original link : 男子墜橋落海  海巡出動無人機尋獲遺體

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