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A 4000-ton KaoHsiong Vessel of Coast Guard Taiwan (CGA) executed its surveillance duty with the new purchased Unmanned Helicopter (UAV) for the first time and had successfully seized a mainland China’s sand-pump dredger conducting illegal sand pumping at Taiwan territorial sea around PengHu island on 17th of June. As soon as the illegal ship has been targeted precisely by the UAV, the sand-pump dredger was then being forcefully driven out from Taiwan sea with water cannon. According to the Coast Guard office, the 20 Unmanned Helicopters (UAV) manufactured by AVIX (田屋科技) have been widely used around the coastal areas as a high dynamical and efficiency tool for all day and night reconnaissance and surveillance operations, and the results are positive and significant.

Original link : UAV無人機澎湖首建功  海巡水砲強勢驅離大陸抽砂

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