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Innovation Competition of UAV powered by Green Energy

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An ‘Innovation Competition of UAV powered by Green Energy’ organized by Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) was held at Wu-Shi port yesterday targeted at flying round trip to Gui-Shan Island.  AVIX UAV team was invited to perform a demo flight carrying fuel cell developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as a curtain raiser for the event.  The performance of the fuel cell and UAV were successful and the result was satisfactory.

This demo flight is actually a kick off plan of a more challenging ‘Peng-Hu island Mission’ in the near future —-carrying an extra total payload of 5 kg of fuel cells, targeted at flying round trip from Ma-Gong island to Wang-An island.

The fuel cell by ITRI and UAV by AVIX are fully researched & made by Taiwan, the project leader Dr. Li-Duan Tsai and the ITRI team members have been working closely with the AVIX UAV team led by Kevin Lu with an intention to optimize the application of clean and high technology to develop a new measure to resolve the scarcity of various resources, the problems of delivery and transportation in remote outlying islands like Peng-Hu and etc.  By doing so, we are fulfilling our ultimate concern and core value — doing the right things, and doing things right.

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