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About Avix-Tech

Founded in 2011, AVIX is constituted by the professional technical teams from Taiwan and Japan. Our ultimate goal is to focus on the small unmanned and remote control aerial systems, including the design, development, integration and manufacturing.

With the assurance of profound professionalism, high-quality practical experience, comprehensive and integrated technology worked by innovative design thinking, the products designed and produced by AVIX constantly stand in the leading position. To give an example, the R/C helicopters and relative electronic products (gyro, servo..) which AVIX ODM/OEM for some well-known R/C model branding companies has gained a remarkable reputation and favored in the global market as well as users from private sector.

Service Providing by AVIX

1) Sales of Own-brand unmanned & R/C system relative products

2) Customize design ,development and manufacture of unmanned & R/C system relative products

3) Consulting of unmanned & R/C system

4) Training of the operating of unmanned & R/C system

5) Aerial photographing and mapping

Any significant achievement?

Our company, AVIX, won the largest governmental UAV’s bidding project in 2017, Coast Guard Administration (CGA) of Taiwan purchased 20 UAV made and integrated by AVIX, with this project, we have developed our education & training program which involved more than 160 members from CGA and help the CGA to team up a drone-pilot team to obtain the pilot certification (examined and approved by Civil Aviation Admin. of Taiwan) for further operation, and have been using the UAV till now, almost on a daily basis (even in the midnight) to execute the work of surveillance and reconnaissance at the coastal areas surrounding the whole country.

Any certification?

AVIX obtained the first Type Certification of UAV in Taiwan. It is examined & approved by Civil Aviation Admin. approving, referring to our main product: unmanned helicopter AXH-E230RS. The helicopter has successfully qualified under the criteria of minimum take-off weight of 25kg and above.

What’s so special about the Type Certification?

According to the Civil Aviation Admin. the Type Approval obtained by AVIX Tech. is tested and approved by the critical standards of JARUS, the Joint Authorities for Rule-making of Unmanned Systems recognized by more than 30 countries including America, the United Kingdom, and the European countries’ Aeronautics Administration.

What’s so difficult about getting a Type Certification of UAV weighing above 25kg?

The Civil Aviation Admin. has determined a series of criteria, one of the most challenging requirement is to provide 44 pieces of Means of Certification (MOC) form. The forms include 10 UAV’s design reports, 6 analysis reports, 13 documentary reports, 4 parts testing reports, 7 ground testing reports and 4 flying tests. The purpose of the MOC for Certification is to ensure that changes are recognized, documented, formally reviewed, and approved by qualified personnel prior to their implementation in order to avoid potential safety or operational problems and to comply with Taiwan’s aeronautical laws & regulations which has been officially launched lately.


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