AXB-20A is a highly integrated GCS well compacted by a military-grade rugged plastic case. The built-in digital transmission module maintains real-time linkage of the data & video with the drone side. Built-in industrial high-brightness screens monitoring the vehicle situation and video through the exclusive GCS software. The control panel is well functioned with the control stick and buttons, facilitate the execution of flight control.

Independent development of proprietary customized Chinese interface GCS software, and built-in Google Maps; it can also be integrated with AIS ship positioning system or other marine electronic map resources, enabling the performance of any offline mission planning and implementation. It functions well in carrying out the station or important facilities position, creating positioning layers and overlay display. For any prohibited and restricted zones, it is advised that the user could plan and enter the selected range in advance.

Size 62.5 x 50 x 21.8 cm 50.6 x 35.3 x 11.9 cm
Mission computer

(Built-in software)

It mainly performs flight mission planning. The computer built-in 256GB capacity, and the flight data and recorded images can be exported and stored.

Wireless system

It shares the same AXD-DB201 wireless system with the drone side.

Control panel

Human-machine operation control interface designed according to the operation requirements of the GCS.

Control Lever of Signal Converter Module

The control lever and relevant controlling functions on the panel convert into digital signal through Signal Converter Module, giving commands to the GCS and upload to the flying control system through the wireless communication systems on the UAV.

Screen Use 21” industrial high brightness screen Use 15.6” industrial high brightness screen

Battery pack

Built-in 18650 battery pack, it can provide power requirements for all relevant systems on the ground station for more than 5 hours of continuous operation.

Power module

In conjunction with the different voltage requirements of the modules in the GCS, the power distribution board will effectively distribute the power to each module.

Wireless antenna

It have to match the appropriate antenna for best results with the different frequency bands and task (distance) requirements.

RC remote control

The flight control mode of the vehicle is mainly divided into Automatic Navigation Flight and Manual Flight Control during the flight mission. The automatic navigation flight ensures the UAV to complete the flight task autonomously according to the flight mission plan set on the ground software. Whereas the manual flight control is to fly according to the different situation or following the installed 2.4GHz frequency band by means of Remote Control, through the execution of date-link installed in the GCS. The Remote Control is specially designed with highly flexible control which requires a well-trained pilot to handle.

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