AXH-E230 multi-function unmanned helicopter system is special designed to execute the unmanned aerial missions!

AXH-E230 features with – high payload capacity, high mobility, low noise, low vibration, long endurance, etc.

AXH-E230 UAS consists of two portions of equipment. For the drone side, the high precision helicopter equipped with an intelligent autopilot system AJC and a smart power control module system to perform autonomous intelligent navigation flight mission.

As for the ground side, the operating of the PC interface mission software enables the mission planning to connect with the drone side autopilot system AIC through the high efficiency ground control station AIB. During the execution of flight mission, we are available for the real-time monitor and take every control of the drone on the mission software through AIB GCS.

Basic Specification

Basic Dimension

Basic Specification of Autopilot system

Basic Specification of GCS

Specification of Accessories




In order to match the wide range of mission demand, AXH-E230 designs a large payload space in the center position of the high strength carbon skid. Features with easy installation, high mobility and elasticity of various kinds of payload.






Main rotor head adopts 4 rotor blades design. High strength carbon rotor blade with high lift airfoil characters, to provide sufficient lift for AXH-E230 with smart movement control under low RPM.




Pitch and roll flight attitude control is driven by three pcs high torque actuators to drive the high precision CNC metal swash plate and linkage device. Yaw control is driven by a high speed actuators to perform the accuracy head control.





Composite matrix frame structure consisted of a high strength square hollow aluminum tube carbon frame. Easy to assemble, and easy maintenance and installation of various type of power battery pack.




Direct-drive transmission gear box designed to optimized for greater ratio to deliver the most efficiency power from the motor to main rotor and tail rotor. Sealed type gear box is designed with good dust-proof effect, and can be manipulated to enhance the convenience, safety and reliability.





On the power control panel, there are power and motor starting switch and a series status checking LED. When you turn on the power of the helicopter, the system will automatic checking the battery power, avionic battery power and throttle signal to allow you to drive the motor under normal status.




Inside the power module box, there are power control and motor control module. One is charge the power distribution and monitor. Another is to control the high power motor RPM to provide the helicopter stable driving power.


Auto Pilot System


AJC autopilot system basic control logical is adopt the advanced Neutral network theory and adaptive theory to perform the INS Inertial autonomous navigation control. Combined with the precise GPS assisted correcting to achieve the meter level accuracy control of position and attitude.

If you use the RTK (real-time kinematic) version autopilot system (AJC-20) and GCS(AJB-20), the control accuracy can achieve the cm level.


AJC built-in sensing unit integrated precision six-degrees of freedom inertial MENS sensor, 3-axis magnetic compass, pressure sensor and a high sensitivity GPS receiver to do the relative raw data collection. The collected data processing by UKF / unscented Kalman filter algorithm to get accuracy, stability and fast convergence AHRS information to execute the high accuracy attitude and heading flight control.



For the fail-safe setting, you can choose various flight mode. Such as return home, hovering in the place…etc. In case of GCS signal lost and cannot correct the INS, the GPS/SINS algorithms will switch to AD/AHRS mode automatically. In 10 minutes autonomous flight, the positioning accuracy can be controlled within 1km.

AJC also integrates 1W/900Mhz bi-hopping wireless transmission module. The communication distance can be up to 30km~60km.



AJB is a high efficiency ground control system. Built-in 900Mhz data link module to keep the real-time communication with the drone side AP system to perform the autonomous flight mission.

By PC interface flight control software, you can easily to organize the pre-flight mission planning and upload to the drone autopilot system. Through the AJB GCS data link module, you also can monitor all the flight status data on the screen and do the post-flight mission plan revised.

RTK – Real Time Kinematic Satellite Navigation

AJC-20 Autopilot system and AJB-20 GCS integrate the novatel high precision differential GPS (DGPS) receiver. During flight through the built-in datalink module, both to process the real-time kinematic calculation to achieve the “cm” level of latitude and longitude and height positioning accuracy. With this RTK module, AXH-E230 Type K can perform automatic takeoff and landing flight patterns easily.

AXH-E230 UAS features with the large space in the center position for easy installation for easy installation of various kinds payload. Such as high revolution camera, thermal imager, high-precision survey camera, laser scanner, radiation detection instrument, hyperspectral instrument…etc. Equipped with the suitable payload, AXH-E230 UAS can be used for reconnaissance, surveillance, rescue, mapping, remote sensing, filming on agriculture / forestry / fishery surveys, oil / mining industry… and other application.

Configuration & Equipment

For difference application requirement, AXH-E230 will come out with three type configurations that listed as below:

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