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  • 2020-03-03
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  • 在〈AVIX Obtained the First ‘Type Approval of UAV’ Ranking First in Asia〉中留言功能已關閉

What’s the secret of this numbers – CAA-UAVTIC-1900001?The answer hidden behind is significant and profound, it’s printed in a certificate officially issued by Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA), approving AVIX Tech.for obtaining the first “Type Approval of UAV” in Taiwan. The main product of AVIX, unmanned helicopter AXH-E230RS has successfully qualified under the criteria of minimum take-off weight of 25kg and above. The achievement of this Type Approval of UAV is not only a result of AVIX’s few years effort but “making Taiwan ranks first in Asia, it’s a significant achievement,” said Aviation Safety Inspector, Alan Chen while participating the first day of physical & basic functional Test on 24th of Feb., 2020 at Qing-Shui, Taichung.

What is so difficult about getting a Type Approval of UAV weighing above 25kg.? The CAA has determined a series of criteria, one of the most challenging requirement is to provide 44 pieces of Means of Certification (MOC) form. The [...]

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