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Drone Catcher

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A drone had hit Taiwan’s tallest building, 101 building 3 years ago, and this had once again raised the attention and execution on the restriction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. As the government has started to implement the legislative control and management on UAV recently, how to design an efficient device to counter the drone which has used to fly freely and has no ideas of laws and rules? One of the most commonly known devices is anti-jamming gun.


Apart from that, AVIX has been working together closely with a prestigious research centre in Taiwan and had developed a capturing device installed on our AXH unmanned helicopter with an intention to take down illegal drone in a more efficient way.   This drone catcher, as shown in the video clip, had been proved to arrest any illegal drone after numerous testings.  And it’s our great honor to present to you that, our AXH has a new role to play now — the Unmanned Aerial Police!


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