AXD-DB201 Dual Channel Dual Band IP Mesh Communication Unit is specially designed to integrate dual band RF modems to perform dual channel wireless communication. Features with full integration,  compact size and light weight, AXD-DB201 can be widely used on the drone, land vehicle and it is man-portable.

AXD-DB201 units are combined in a fluid, self-forming, self-healing IP Mesh function which offer true networked integration of video, data, audio and GPS data. Offering genuine non-line of sight coverage using CPFDM technology, the system is highly mobile and full automated, and therefore create a network with extend range, one which will deliver in environment too tough for other wireless radio solutions to cope with.


Basic Dimensions

Basic Specifications

AVIX executed the 50Km real-time image linkage testing by AXH unmanned helicopter with AXD-DB201 2W IP Mesh unit as shown from the picture. The GCS is set on the Dadu Mountain at Taichung county and the AXH took off at Mailiao, Yunlin county. The testing was a success with clear reception of very high quality real-time video linkage. The following is the system specification and the result of the testing.


Drone : AXH-E230
RF System :  AXD-DB201
Antenna :  2dbi Omi
Frequency : 1000-1500 MHz
Band Width : 2.5Mhz / 5Mhz
Power : 2W
Distance :  52.6 Km
Result (available data rate): 4.5~6.2 Mbps @ 5Mhz
1.4~2 Mbps @ 2.5 Mhz

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